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Steve Whallen - Certified Inspector

Home Inspecting

These descriptions are NOT intended to be a substitute to hiring a home inspector, we hope that you would consider these helpful hints as a pre-check list to help you in your search. Your decision now to hire a home inspector could affect you for a long time.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Make sure that your driveway and sidewalks have no cracks. This can be a dead giveaway that there is settling occurring. The ground underneath may not be level.

Front Doors

Make sure that your front door will open and close without any issues. If there are issues with the front door sticking or not closing all of the way, it could be a sure sign that there has been water damage which can make the frame around the door swell.

Sinks and Bathrooms

Look under the kitchen sink for swelled wood from water leaks. Do you see mold visibly? Do you smell a funky mold smell? You need to have a home inspector check for molds. Some cause allergic reactions (Allergenic), some cause sicknesses (Pathologic) and we don’t want to use any scare tactics but some even death (Toxic). A trained mold inspector can tell you what your house may have.

Tile and Flooring

Are the floors and tile flat and level? If not, there may be mold beneath them. The more water gets trapped underneath the tiles, the more they will swell and the more the tiles will shift and become unlevel. That sort of thing can be properly diagnosed by a sharp eye and a home inspector that has the special needed equipment to tell you what it is and how bad it’s gotten.


Do you see tiles missing? There’s most likely water damage and quite possibly mold. Again, an inspector that can tell you the extent of the damage and give you better insight into your purchase. Most home inspectors don’t like to touch mold. If you see the ceiling sag anywhere, it might have a leak above it. That may mean the insulation above it could be saturated with water and maybe harmful molds.


Obviously this area should be looked at by a home inspector before deciding to buy any home or property. But for a first visit, you should keep your eyes open for light switch/wall socket cover plates that are missing or ANY exposed wires. This brochure is NOT meant to be a substitution for hiring a home inspector that is state certified to check your electric.


Are ALL of the plumbing fixtures the same? Are the plumbing pipes the same? If not, there has been some work done here by the previous owners. This needs to be inspected by a professional.

Property Level

Is there any standing water in the yard? That breeds mosquitoes! Are there parts of the yard that seem “washed away?” Heavy rains will only make it worse. You need a professional.

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