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(22) Gaye P.
Thu, 20 April 2017

Submitted on Mon, 17 April 2017

Thank you for a quick and pleasant experience with my home inspection. You were very accommodating, professional, and friendly. Thank you again Gaye P.

(21) Stephayne & Jim
Thu, 20 April 2017

Submitted on Tue, 15 March 2011

Affordable Home Inspection saved the day! Thanks Steve and Mary Ann ;-) Our homeowners insurance was canceled. The excuse this time was due to the age of our frame home (1946) and because it has a crawl space. All that was fine two years ago when Avatar Insurance took our money. Two years later Avatar canceled us to the the reasons above and that they require fold down metal awnings that cover our windows. Our roof, electric and dual pane windows were all upgraded about ten years ago to code so, we would have no issues getting insurance (the intention). Well, first Allstate drops us (and all of Florida) then, Avatar drops us. Well, unfortunately our mortgage is with Bank of America. When the homeowners policy was dropped, Bank of America told us in our e-statement that they were going to force a lenders policy onto our mortgage/escrow that MORE THAN DOUBLED OUR HOUSE PAYMENT! (~$3500 a year more!) I called the infamous Bank of America to find out what was going on. After 40 minutes of being bounced around by their automated system, I finally got a hold of a human. He assured me that our monthly payment would not change and all was fine, we had just misinterpreted the correspondence. After sighs of relief, we were under the impression we could still afford to live in our 700 sqfoot home where we have lived for the last 30 years. Next month we got the e-statement for the house payment. MORE THAN DOUBLE our normal payment. I called and ran the automated phone system gauntlet again. I talked to a brass, crude representative who said no-one at BOM told me our payments would not be what was mentioned in the previous e-statement. She told me I was wrong and basically, a liar. She also told me that the forced policy of around $3500 a year does not cover any contents or liability! The policy only protects Bank of America. (Our old policy was $750 and covered everything.) So, after listening to her insult my intelligence for a few more minutes and completely skirting my questions, I let her have it with both barrels then, I hung up. We could live in a condo on the beach for what they wanted us to pay for out little 700 sq foot house with only 35k left to pay on it. (the price of a car). So, IN FACT, the so called "insurance" they forced on us cost more than the balance on the house, even with their ~8% added on. Ourselves along with our five teenagers were coming to terms with losing the home they were born and raised in thanks to Bank of America and their forced Balboa insurance. Well, to make a short story longer, we were up the creek without any savings or the ability to move. In desperation, I hit every insurance quote site I could find and filled out the forms. No-one wanted to insure our home due to its' age. One place however, did call me, quickly. Ryan from Green Insurance (727-498-8855). He not only reassured me that he could help, he instantly found a company and then went over each option in the policy with me to adjust it to my liking financially RIGHT THERE ON THE FIRST CALL. He said, "All I need is an inspection" "a four point would be even better". Well, I remembered that Affordable Home Inspection, Steve specifically, inspected our home two years ago when we went through this the last time but, with Countrywide who had our mortgage at the time. We are not thrifty file keepers but, we are sure glad we used Affordable! I told Ryan that Affordable did the inspection and gave him Affordables number. Ryan (Green Insurance) called Maryann at Affordable and BAM, the inspection from two years ago was faxed over to Ryan in minutes. Within an hour Ryan called back and was able to lock in a $1088 quote! He then called Bank of America on a three way call and took care of getting the policy implemented! WOW! Two phone calls and less than two hours PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks to the wonderful Affordable Home Inspections team and Ryan at Green Insurance we can keep our home! Thanks again Steve, Maryann and Ryan!!

(20) Kinberly Topliffe
Thu, 20 April 2017

Submitted on Fri, 8 October 2010

Thank you Steve and Mary Ann! Now you know why I love my job! I want to tell you what an awesome job you both did; very, very well done and professional! i will continue to "talk you up" among my peers and I hope that you all will receive business as a result of your efforts. I also want to say how much I enjoyed getting to meet Mary Ann and how kind it was of you guys to give me a gift basket! :) Thank you! I meant to take to my "office" and show you how I predominately displayed your card from the brownies you sent me is displayed...It was a thank you for the first home you ever inspected for me and it was PINK and said, "YOU ARE GREAT!" I like it a lot and I use it as one more of my many tools to stay upbeat, positive and successful! You guys are awesome and I look forward to many more inspections with you! Your C21 Beggins Buddy, Kimberly Topliffe

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